Cussy (NSW)

1955 Triumph TR2

TS 5279 O

Posted: 1 Jan 1995

TR2 Trudy

I purchased Trudy in 1991 from Mr Douglas Foster from Geelong Victoria. Trudy came to Australia and was first Registered in February 1955 GHV.818 by a Mr Fischer in Black Rock. Unfortunately she had a nasty accident which meant she went from a lovely TR2 to a TR3A as no TR2 front aprons were available. She sat unregistered for some time and then was registered JRN 101 and sold to a used car lot. Mr Foster purchased for $677.00 in 1967 and drove her daily. He moved to Tasmania in the late seventies, in 1980 he decided on restoring Trudy. However work family and a move back to Ballarat for work meant Trudy was placed in boxes and shipped to a farm at Bacchus Marsh. Thats when I was told she was up for sale. I called Doug and he said your third in line. So 48 hours later and $5000.00 out of pocket my journey of owning a sidescreen began. It is a wonderful journey. It took seven years to restore her. 1991-1997. Now we are doing it all over again.

TR2 Trudy
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Tumut 1998
TR2 Trudy
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Port Macquarie
TR2 Trudy
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Read the Number plate surround.
TR2 Trudy
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Brisbane concour
Head Judge discussing the finer judging points with Bob Slender
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