John McCormack ()

1954 Triumph TR2

TS 5038 O

Posted: 23 Mar 2024

Daily driver TR2

I bought this TR2 from John Thompson Performance Cars, Parramatta Rd in Sydney in February 1976 as an everyday driver. The car was a pretty good example and won the TSOA Concours in November that year. The first years were difficult with no spares but in 1980 after a stint in Darwin I started a body off rebuild. This was completed in 1983 and the car was again my regular driver. I entered the car in a few Register Concours in the 80s and was awarded Best TR2 in 1987 and 88. It has now covered well over 200,000 miles in my ownership and is still my daily driver.

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The original owner, John Sendall of Goulburn, who I met in July 2022 and took for a spirited drive..
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