Ross McLeod (VIC)

1961 Triumph TR3A

TS 81433 O

Posted: 22 Dec 2023

Some History

We purchased this car in July 2020 from former TR-Register member Frank Findlow. Since then we (Mary & Ross) have been driving it as much as possible. A constant feature on the parcel shelf is "Scout" our Border Collie, his favorite position is looking over my right shoulder with tongue hanging out. He has his own harness rigged on the parcel shelf.

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Taken in our Garage 05/11/2020 3 month old "Scout" in the foreground
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Although owning this car for some time, Pick-Up at The Healey Factory 02/11/2020

My First TR3A

I was trawling through the archives of this web site and came across this photo. In May 1976 I purchased this car from Stewart McNab at the time its registration plate was SF‑500. Stewart wanted to keep his personalised plates so after a visit to the then MRB office (Motor Registration Branch, now Vic Roads) in Carlton I ended up with IMG-885. Not the best plate but I couldn't afford a personal plate in those days. At the time Stewart told me that he had purchased it from Ian Ralph who was well known in the TSOA.

Then came a very sad time in my life. In 1981 I sold it and I have regretted it ever since.

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Ian Relph in JKF‑430 TSOA National Rally Albury 1969
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