2023 Stanthorpe (QLD)

Trophy Winners

Judging Awards


1st Place, Best TR2, Concours Winner & Laurie Cousin Perpetual Trophy
 1954 Triumph TR2
2nd Place, Best TR3 & Walker-White Perpetual Trophy
Paul Bingham 1956 Triumph TR3

Excellence in Presentation

1st Place
 1954 Triumph TR2
2nd Place, Best TR3A & Murn/Mitchell Perpetual Trophy
Graeme & Tom Smith (QLD) 1960 Triumph TR3A

Road Class

1st Place & Boyce Beeton Perpetual Trophy
 1956 Triumph TR3
2nd Place
Jack Gault 1959 Triumph TR3A
3rd Place
Andrew Ross 1959 Triumph TR3A

Competition Award

1st Place & Harry Firth Perpetual Trophy
Mal Munro 

Club Awards

Peoples Choice Award
Susanne Wall 1956 Triumph TR3
MOSS Award & Perpetual MOSS Piston Trophy
Peter Clarke
Travelling Triumphs Award
Keith Brown
Editors Award
Neville Turbit
Club Member of the Year Award 2023
Kerrie Holliday
Encouragement Award
Max Weston
Rookie of the Year Award
Rowan Burns 1955 Triumph TR3
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